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Our group of doctors are established leaders in their respective fields providing treatment for the following conditions: major depression, bipolar disorder, sleep disorders, ADHD, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, addictive disorders, anxiety, and panic disorders.

Our INSynergy Substance Abuse program is the Premier Drug and Alcohol Rehab program in the St. Louis Area.

Our group is also the first to bring the Brainsway and NeuroStar Trans-Cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) devices to the St. Louis area to treat depression, OCD, and nicotine addiction. TMS services lead by Dr. Steven Harvey and Dr. Robert Rifkin, through Greenbrook TMS.  

All of our providers have the ability to utilize tele-health platforms so visits can be done at the comfort of your home or private area.

Besides being Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, our group also has advanced training and additional Board Certifications in Addiction Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), and Psychoanalysis.

Several of our psychiatrists have been honored since 2009 as being Best Doctors in America in Psychiatry and Addiction.

We are taking new patients at this time starting at ages 17 up to the geriatric population.

Our doctors are on staff at the following local hospitals: Mercy Hospital (Formally St. John’s) and St. Luke’s Hospital.

If you are interested in making an appointment with one of our psychiatrists, or interested in our innovative INSynergy or TMS programs, please contact our office at the numbers below. Directions are also provided on this web site.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope we can be part of improving your life!


HOME: 314-997-5208

FAX: 314-997-5368

Our Providers

Dr. Arturo Taca

Medical Director

As a psychiatrist and addictionologist, Dr. Arturo Taca has long been at the forefront of developing innovative solutions for persons struggling with mental health issues such as addiction and treatment-resistant depression.

Dr. Taca graduated from The University of the East Medical School in Manila, Philippines and completed his psychiatric residency training at St. Louis University School of Medicine, where he was the Chief Resident of the Department of Psychiatry. 


Dr. Neil Brickel

Dr. Neil Brickel completed medical school at St. Louis University (1967) and St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute 1984. Dr. Brickel combines the use or psychotherapy, medication management and genetic screening to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of these struggling with psychiatric disorders. He has been in private practice since 1976 and has specialized in the psychiatric treatment of adults, with an emphasis on patients with post-traumatic stress disorder, multiple personality disorder, abuse related disorders and attention deficit disorder.


Dr. Dowell
Dr. Dowell graduated from Amherst College. He then studied at the University of Tübingen in Germany and at Columbia University in New York City. After 2 years in the US military he entered Washington University Medical School. He completed his residency at Washington University Department of Psychiatry finishing as chief resident and went into private practice. Now working 3 days a week  in general psychiatry. Has extensive experience with tele- psychiatry. Dr. Dowell will see new patients and accepts private pay, Blue Cross Blue Shield/Anthem, Medicare and United Healthcare.
Dr. Androphy

Dr. Androphy began her private practice in Psychiatry in 2002. She graduated from Stanford University before earning her medical degree from Chicago Medical School. She completed her residency training at Saint Louis University where she served as Chief Resident from 2001-2002. Dr. Androphy specializes in treating patients with mood and anxiety disorders, ADHD, OCD, and Eating Disorders.


Dr. Rifkin
Dr. Robert H. Rifkin was born and raised in St. Louis and has been practicing psychiatry since 1991. Dr. Rifkin is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and specializes in the treatment of adults with Major Depression, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults, Anxiety Disorders, and other major mental disorders. Dr. Rifkin is a certified provider of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and has been associated with Greenbrook since 2019. TMS is currently indicated for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorders and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. Dr. Rifkin is a member of the American Psychiatric Association and the Missouri Psychiatric Physicians Association. Education: 1991: Residency in Psychiatry, University of Virginia School Medicine, Charlottesville, Virginia. 1983: Doctor of Medicine, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri. 1979: B.A Chemistry, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia.

Our Providers

INSynergy provides an alternative approach to traditional 12- step and AA treatment programs.
We are guided by evidence-based treatments and the latest advances in alcohol and drug rehab, allowing for the
effective treatment of addictions to tobacco, alcohol, heroin, and opiates.
Our innovative program incorporates FDA approved anti-craving medication, counseling, psychiatric and
psychological services. These latest advances in treatment help people resume their productive lives.
Services include: home medically supervised detox from alcohol or opioids, medically assisted treatment (MAT)
options including Vivitrol, comprehensive outpatient therapy for families and individuals.
If you have tried other treatments that haven't worked or you just didn't know where to start, INSynergy may be able
to help you.
Call 314-649-(STOP) 7867 for a FREE EVALUATION or visit
INSynergy is The Premier Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Greenbrook TMS
Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a noninvasive technique used to apply brief magnetic pulses to the brain.
Deep TMS is a breakthrough in the search for a non-invasive approach for treating common brain disorders such as
major depression, OCD, and nicotine dependence. The treatment is non-invasive, with minimal side effects, no
systemic effect (in contrast to drugs), and no need of hospitalization or anesthesia.
What is Deep TMS? Brainsway Deep TMS System is indicated by the FDA for the treatment of depressive episodes
in adult patients suffering from Major Depressive Disorder, who failed to achieve satisfactory improvement from
previous anti-depressant medication treatment in the current episode. Recent FDA clearances include OCD and
smoking addiction in adults.

If you’ve tried medications and talk therapy but
are still experiencing depression symptoms,

were here to help.

Please call us at   855-940-4867 for a free consultation or visit us at


Dear Valued Patient,
Due to the recent developments regarding the spread of COVID-19 (Corona Virus), we are taking steps in
assuring our patients a safe and efficient way to consult with your psychiatrist.
Medicare and most commercial insurance carriers have approved of the use of telemedicine technology
for patient/doctor visits during this crisis. Our providers are using a variety of platforms including:
Doximity, Zoom, Skype for Business. These are HIPPA compliant software programs that allow face to
face video communication with your own psychiatrist.
This type of encounter with your doctor will be the same with exception of you logging on remotely at
the convenience of your own home. It is also important that you log on where your privacy is

There are few basic tips when using telehealth platforms for medical or psychiatric visits.

  1. You psychiatrist will email or text you an invite which will have a link the video platform.
  2. Typical devices that use these programs can work on your phone, computer, laptop, or
    electronic PAD.
  3. If you don’t have an appointment, call the clinic to make one.
  4. Make sure you have a strong internet or wi-fi source. If not, the video and audio may be choppy.
  5. Please be available on about 5-10 minutes before your appointment time.
  6. Your psychiatrist will see you and will text/email/ or even call you once he/she is available.
  7. Have your visit with your psychiatrist.
  8. Once finished you can end the call by logging out.
  9. Depending on your psychiatrist, request for your next appointment.
    Our staff will attempt to collect all co-pays and outstanding balances before your telehealth
    We understand that many people have different IQ’s regarding technology, and we ask you to be
    patient with this process. Please be flexible with appointment times as implementation of this

technology in our practice may have some growing pains. This is, for the foreseeable future, the way we
will be conducting our consults.
Please visit https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html for the current CDC COVID -19
recommendations. Practice the recommended preventative hygiene practices such as frequent hand
washing, social distancing, and abiding with the staying at home policies in your area.
Hopefully, by taking these precautionary measures these inconveniences will be temporary and will not
cause major interruptions or delay in your care.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Marina Jacquemin
Office Manager
Chris Brkljach
Chris has been with our office since March 2019. Her role with the St. Louis Psychiatry Group is to help co-manage the office. She enjoys working in the mental health field because she enjoys helping people better themselves and offer support.  Chris has her B.A in Psychology as well as Criminal Justice, B.S. in Sociology, and has her certificate as a Certified Coding Associate. She has over 4 years experience working in the Healthcare field in various roles.  In her free time, Chris enjoys spending time with her 5 cats and husband


This Corridor of Ballas Road is epicenter of superior
medical care in St. Louis County home to several medical
buildings stretching several miles and sandwiched
between two major hospitals, St. John’s Mercy Medical
Center, which is the only suburban trauma center in St.
Louis, and Missouri Baptist Hospital just a few blocks
down. Barnes West Country Hospital and St. Luke’s
Hospital are also within a few miles from our clinic.

11477 Olde Cabin Road
Suite 210
Creve Coeur, MO 63141